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Sunday, July 19, 2009

1979 Yamaha CS15

via this auction
"This is a great duophonic synthesiser, with two almost completely independant synths in one. 2 Oscs (True VCOs), 2 multi mode filters, 2 Envelopes and 1 LFO (with Sample & Hold!!). It gives you 2 independant signal paths that meet at the outputs (hence duophonic). It has all the usual waveforms and an external input so you can feed your drum machines, computer, records or even your voice through one of its multimode, highly resonant filters and VCA. Filters have Low Pass, Band Pass and High Pass settings and can be tuned independantly. The envelopes have two modes normal (which makes them pretty snappy) or 5 times which slows the rates to 5 times slower, making it ideal for drones and effects. One of the envelopes can even be set to trigger in response to audio presented at the external input, allowing for envelope following like effects to be applied to the filters and/or VCAs. Feed it a drum loop and you'll see what I mean. On the back there are CV and Gate inputs and outputs for interfacing with the rest of your gear (I have tested the gates and they work as expected, I've never tested the CV connections but have no reason to doubt them). It has two audio outputs (1 high gain and 1 low), feeding the high gain back to the input allows for extreme feedback effects."

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