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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Roland JX-8P Keyboard Synthesizer

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"The JX-8P is a 6-voice, 12-DCO, programmable analog synthesizer with a touch-sensitive and pressure-sensitive 5-octave, 61-note (C-C) keyboard. It is a direct descendant of Roland's first non-knob-and-slider synth, the JX-3P. Each voice contains two DCOs, one VCF, and a single ADSR for the VCF and/or the VCA, which can be inverted.

* 6 voices (6-polyphonic, 2x3 unisono/2x3 unisono octave, 1 solo/6 solo)
* 2 DCO (saw tooth, pulse wave, square wave, noise)
* VCF with resonance capabilities
* VCA with 2 different chorus effects
* 2 envelopes (ADSR)
* LFO (sine, square, random)
* DCO, VCF, VCA can be triggered by LFO, envelope or by velocity
* 64 presets, 32 internal / 32 cartridge user definable sounds
* Complete MIDI implementation
* 61 weighted keys with velocity and after touch (volume, brilliance, vibrato)"

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