Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ARP Pro-Soloist DGX

via this auction
"monophonic analog synth with 30 electronically switchable presets and a 3 octave 37 note keyboard with aftertouch. The aftertouch can be routed to pitch, vibrato, volume, brilliance, growl and wow.

Fast action switches to the left of the keyboard select any combination of touch sensor effects. Sliders controlling Volume, Brilliance, Touch and Portamento are just below. There's also a Repeat switch, and Vibrato speed controller and a Portamento on/off switch.

If you are wondering what it sounds like, think "Swingtown" by Steve Miller and some things from Tangerine Dream. This is a great recording synth and because of the big digital switches and large fast action tabs for touch controls, it would be a blast to play live."

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