Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Analogue Systems Spawn

via this auction
"Spawn is a 2U high rack mount synthesiser with the same MIDI/CV controller as featured on the best selling Sorceror and demon keyboards. Although the synthesiser is pre patched for ease of use there are no less than 37 sockets running below the synthesiser panel for enormous flexibility and true modular routing. The front panel boasts 23 knobs and 4 switches.
The system features a fully functional VCO with V.C. wave shaping, sync, std, -2 octave switching and wide mode as well as a sub OSC with -1 and -2 octave outputs available simultaneously for a full rich sound, and a analogue glide function for portamento in addition to the MIDI generated glide. A fully featured modulation VCA allows for LFO routing to the VCO and VCF to take full advantage of the MIDI controllers, VC LFO with 4 wave forms all with outputs, powerful 24db Moog type lowpass filter, fully featured envelope generator with auto and gated repeat modes, noise generator, VCA with log and lin response and of course the lower patch bay with its ins and outs and attenuators to unlock the true power of spawn and any connected synthesiser like its support module named Pod.
Spawn responds to MIDI note on/off, velocity, aftertouch, mod wheel, breath and expression controllers as well as portamento these are available on sockets for routing throughout the system as well as other analogue synths the user may have making it a true MIDI/CV converter as a bonus. In addition there is a switching system to route 2 of the most commonly used controllers internally so you just take spawn out of the box and connect to a MIDI device and with no patch cords inserted the musician is ready to play classic analogue synthesiser tones. The midi routing switch routes mod wheel controller to the MIDI-CV mod VCA and expression to the VCF without the need for patching. Spawn responds to single and multiple triggering via a front panel switch."

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