Thursday, May 14, 2009

x0xb0x Roland TB-303 clone

via this auction
"Standard Mods
SokkOS 1.9 Firmware
Power Switch.
Molex connectors.
Q8, Q9 & Q10 are socketed with the highest beta's chosen from a pool of 100.
Q1-Q4 and IC 15a and 15b are all socketed making it easy to install the ba662 chip if you have one spare. Note: This x0x does not come with a ba662 chip and in my experience it makes no difference to the sound.
Machined IC sockets used thru out with the exception of the 40pin controller IC socket.

Steps, Tempo and Keyboard LEDS are blue diffused
Run/Stop Led is Green Diffused
All other LEDS are Red diffused"

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