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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

ROLAND JUNO 106 Programmable Analog Synthesizer

via this auction
"The JUNO-106 is a 61-key, 6-voice completely poly phonic synthesizer that produces superb sounds comparable with that of the famous JUNO-60. The DCO keeps pitch exceedingly stable at all times. The JUNO-106 features a Portamento function for the first time in this price class. This allows the JUNO-106 to produce polyphonic Portamento. Like the JUNO-60, a Chorus effect is provided to re produce realistic string sounds or full-bodied organ sounds. Up to 128 timbres can be memorized. There are two groups (A and B), 8 banks in each group, and 8 patch memories in each bank. A cassette interface is provided for infinite data storage. Groups A and B can be loaded or saved independently so that the user can combine data as he wants. MIDl jacks are also provided. MlDl channels (1 to 16) can be assigned, and MIDI information can be selected by the Function switch. This operating information includes LFO Modulation, Bender, changes in patch memory, and keyboard information. The JUNO-106 can be connected with other MIDI devices to expand the system."

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