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Thursday, May 07, 2009


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"FAEMI (produced at Kachkanar radio factory, 1979) is a monophonic electronic keyboard intended for the performance of music works of all kinds. It can be used both as a separate solo instrument and in small amateur ensembles.

The keyboard of the device has 3 octaves, from F till E included. The width of the keys and their arrangement correspond to the accordion keyboard. The sound range of the device amounts to 6 octaves, which provides the possibility of reproducing any note of standard equal temperamental pitch from F in the controctave to E in the 4-th octave. The coverage of the range is reached by successive switching on the four main register key switches 5, 6, 7, and 8. Varying combinations of activated switches (one, two, three, or four), and adding to them a supplementary register switch (fourth from the left), it is possible to get 19 sound variants differing in pitch and timbre. It provides a performer with wide opportunities, enabling him to simulate the sounds of some well-known instruments and to form new original timbres immediately in the course of music performance.

By switching on the switch 3, one can soften the timbre of the sound due to lowering the level of hight registers. The switch 2 play the automatic frequency vibrato function, which adds warmth to the sound and makes it more melodic. The desired depth of vibration is set by the regulator "Vibration". The design and the arrangement of the volume regulator makes it possible to change the volume in the course of performance in order to make it more impressive. With the help of the regulator "Fine-tuning", it is possible to fine-tune Faemi to other instruments in case it is used in ensemble performance. Both internal and external sources of direct current with the voltage 9V, including a rectifier placed in the AC circuit, may be used as sources of power supply.

Creating of various timbres is carried out on the basis of the register synthesis method. The combination of semiconductor devices with printed circuitry makes it possible to lower the size and the weight of the instrument and to ensure high reliability and efficiency.
Faemi is designed in a light metal case with a separable plastic top. For transportation, the instrument is placed in a jacket and covered with a protective flap.The jacket is equipped with a belt for carrying. The design of the jacket provides the possibility of music performance in motion.


— Keyboard - 3 octaves (36 keys) from F till E
— Number of the registers - 1', 2', 4', 8', tutti (organ), synthetic bass, and others (19 variants of the sound)
— Type of vibrato - frequency vibrato
— Vibrato frequency - 6-7 Hz
— Other control - volume, fine tuning, vibrato depth, "soft timbre"
— Maximum output power - 0.5 W
— Output voltage on output sockets for the connection with an external amplifier - not less than 0.1 V
— Supply voltage - 9 V +/- DC
— Consumed current - not more than 150 mA
— Operating temperature - -5C - 35C
— Overall dimensions (in a jacket) - 490x200x90 mm
— Weight in a jacket - 4.0 kg"

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