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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Drumfire Electronic Drum Synthesizer Module

via this auction
"The Drumfire Drum Synthesizer is a true percussion synth. No samples here. It has five channels and trigger pads that can be attached to your drums, practice pads or just about anything. (You'll need to get some new velcro). I just tested it using the pads on a towel and tapping with my fingers. Everything worked fine but it does have a few pots that could use spraying with cleaner. It also includes three pages of suggested Tom-Tom, Snare and Bass drum settings.

Each channel has controls for: Sensitivity, Oscillator Decay, Noise Decay, Sweep, Pitch, Click, Balance, Volume, Pan. It is really great for getting that Simmons sound. I think the coolest thing is you can tune each channel to a different pitch and play some really cool five note patterns."

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