Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Doepfer REGELWERK Analog Sequencer/MIDI Fader

via this auction
"This box is extremely deep. It can be used as a 16 step sequencer, programmed to control up to 8 independent CV and gate signals while simultaneously transmitting 8 independent MIDI events at a time, with 8 sliders remaining for MIDI control. Or you can use it exclusively as a MIDI fader box, with 24 fully assignable sliders. The pattern format is compatible with the Schaltwerk sequencer, so you can share patterns between the two. The rear panel has 8 CV, 8 gate, 2 MIDI in's, 2 MIDI out's, and DIN sync. It's base is angled, so that you can use it either rackmounted (5U) or as a desktop device. It's silver finish matches the other Doepfer sequencers and modular range. More information, including a pdf of the manual is available at"

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