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Novation Supernova II 2 PRO

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"Polyphony : 36-,
* Oscillators - 3 (square, saw, variable width pulse) and noise
* LFO - 2 with control of VCA, VCF & pitch; saw, square, tri, sample/hold
* Filter - Hi/Low/Band pass, 12/18/24 dB/oct ranges, resonant self-oscillating filter with overdrive
* Effects - Distortion, reverb, chorus, flange, phaser, delay, pan, tremolo, 2-band EQ, comb filtering
* Keyboard - 61 keys with velocity and aftertouch - Pitch Bend - Mod Wheel
* Memory - 1,024 patches; 512 performances
* Control - MIDI (8 parts)
* Date Produced - 1998 - 2000

Instinctive synthesis
Welcome back to real synthesis.
The Supernova II does what all synthesizers should do. It makes it easy to create incredible, never-heard-before sounds.
Sure, you have capacity for more than 1,000 Programs and over 500 multi-program voice Performances. But they are there to inspire you, not restrict you. With the Supernova II’s elegantly organised banks of knobs and sliders, you can use them all as the stepping stones to total freedom of expression.
Common sense has been designed into the Supernova II from the beginning. Whatever you want to do to a sound, a twist or a touch gives you an instinctive response, with the display telling you exactly what is happening. At last, the technology is on your side – and not fighting against you with endless unfathomable menus.
Music, live or in the studio, is the most expressive of art forms. With the Supernova II, your musical creativity is released in all its spontaneous, wild and meticulously crafted expressive power.

Oscillators - the heart of synthesis
• 3 Oscillators per voice. When the new special waveform Double Saw is used, this can be increased to a massive 6 Oscillators per voice, with no loss in polyphony
• 8 different FM routings, allowing much more than Analogue FM sounds to be realised
• Virtual Sync requiring no slave Oscillator
• Hardness - a filter for each Oscillator - smoothly adjust a Square wave into a Sine wave
• Unison and VCO modes create huge Vintage Analogue emulations
• Comprehensive Mod Matrix for total creative control - over 95 possible modulation routings in the Oscillator section alone

Filters - the classics, plus 9 more
• Carefully engineered 12, 18 and 24 dB per octave LPF, BPF and HPF Filters create that classic Analogue sound and are capable of self-sustaining oscillation at high levels of resonance
• 9 New Split/Dual Filter types allow the creation of "Harder" hyper-resonant Filters and the ability to create "Formant" Filters with speech-like qualities • The Filter section also features a Comprehensive Mod Matrix for creative control and Overdrive capable of subtle to extreme effects
• The Q-Normalise parameter ensures no radical changes in audio level even while tweaking in live performance

LFOs - much more than just a wobble
• The 2 LFOs are capable of oscillating at audio rates, delivering exceptionally smooth modulation - from DC to kHz speeds
• Square, Saw, Tri and Sample and Hold waveforms are provided
• The LFOs are syncable to MIDI clock at differing time signatures
• Offset, Delay and Slewing parameters allow comprehensive control of the LFOs
• Delay Fade in/out allows the LFOs to be used as simple Envelopes if required

Inputs - External Signal Processing
• 2 high quality analogue Inputs are provided
• External signals can be routed to the Effects section directly or passed through the synth engine, enabling the input signals to be passed through the Filters and Envelopes
• The Constant Gate parameter means no MIDI note messages are required to trigger the Envelopes
• PPM metering is provided with gain controls for each Input

Vocoder - word up
• The Vocoder has 42 bands, making it exceptionally clear and intelligible
• Highly versatile - any Input or Program can be assigned to be the carrier or modulator
• The display can become a 42 Band Spectrum Analyser

Part Edit - true multitimbral performance with no compromises
• 8 Part multitimbral operation is provided with 7 different effects on each sound
• An Arpeggiator can be assigned to each Part, enabling up to 8 different Arpeggiators to run simultaneously
• Auditioning elements of a mulitimbral set-up is easy, with Mute and Solo buttons provided
• Comprehensive external master keyboard functions are also provided, allowing the control of up to 8 external MIDI devices with no reduction to internal multimbrality

Envelopes - shape up
• 3 Envelopes are provided, all generated at audio rates to deliver exceptionally smooth and punchy modulation
• All feature sustain time and sustain rate parameters, providing a high degree of flexibility
• All Envelopes can be looped individually
• Comprehensive tracking is provided,
with continuously variable keyboard-rate tracking and keyboard-level tracking

Effects - production heaven
• No less than 56 high quality effects are available at once, enabling 7 different effects to be used simultaneously on each Program, even when combining Programs into Performances or finished mixes
• Effects include:
- Distortion (from subtle overdrive to blowing your brains out)
- Bass and treble EQ
- Panning with autopan and tremolo modes
- Stereo Comb Filters with LFO modulation and an exciter
- Stereo tapdelay that is syncable to MIDI clock
- 16 Reverb types, ranging from reverse gated to large plate
- Chorus section that can be configured to be a Phaser/Flanger/Chorus/QuadChorus/Ensemble or Rotary speaker
- Delay, Reverb and Chorus effects can be arranged in 18 different configurations - interesting cross-connections can be created by morphing between 2 configurations in real-time
• Mod wheel control over effects is included, along with any other part of the matrix

Keypad - a performance breeze
• The unique keypad allows the rapid and easy selection of sounds during performance
• Sounds can be selected in two keypresses, eg 127 = 120 + 7
• Even one keypress may be enough; to move to 126 from 127, just enter 6

Drum Banks - the percussion department
• 400 dedicated drum Programs are provided
• 8 drum kits of 49 sounds each can be accessed on the keyboard simultaneously
• A special Filter mode allows noise to be filtered separately so that the snappy elements of drum sounds can be processed exclusively, allowing snares, toms etc to be realised easily

Inputs and Outputs - the butt stops here
The Supernova II keyboard series features no less than 8 high quality individual analogue Outputs, providing +4dbm studio level output. In addition, 2 high quality balanced analogue Inputs accept signal levels ranging from -60dbm to +8dbm. These can also act as footswitch inputs. There is also a dedicated expression pedal/footswitch Input and a headphones Output, together with an additional expansion slot for an optional SPDIF/ADAT I/O expansion card.

Arpeggiator - more like a sequencer?
• This is one of the most comprehensive Arpeggiator sections ever created
• Alongside all the normal options, the Arpeggiator also features a staggering 128 preset monophonic, 128 preset polyphonic and 384 user patterns
• Patterns can be up to 64 steps long and velocity, gate time and glides can be set for every step

Mode Section - the musician’s palette
• 1,024 user-writable Program locations arranged in 8 banks,
with a Find function to help you search for sounds by category
• 512 Performances (comprising up to 8 Programs together)
• 128 Favourites, where your preferred Programs, Performances
or even Arpeggiator patterns can be stored in whatever order
you choose for use during live performance
• Bright, high contrast fluorescent Display

Drum Banks - the percussion department
• 400 dedicated drum Programs are provided
• 8 drum kits of 49 sounds each can be accessed on the keyboard simultaneously
• A special Filter mode allows noise to be filtered separately so that the snappy elements of drum sounds can be processed exclusively, allowing

FM Algorithms
8 different Fm / Ring Mod Algorithms
Modulation Matrix
Comprehensive Modulation Matrix with over 130 possible routings.

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