Wednesday, April 29, 2009

MFB Synth II

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"MFB SynthII • 3 analogue VCOs (sawtooth, square, triangle waveforms) • 2 envelope generators (ADSR) • analogue 24 dB lowpass filter with resonance (VCF) • 2 LFOs (sawtooth, square, triangle, random waveforms) • 50 preset- and 49 user memories • integrated step sequencer The MFB-SYNTH II is a monophonic Synthesizer module. It uses analogue circuits that are voltage controlled for oscillators, filters and amplification. The synthesizer is controlled by MIDI, CV/Gate or the integrated step sequencer that can hold up to 25 sequences with 32 steps each. Here are the details: The VCO sections contains three individual oscillators that are scaled to the volt/octave standard. The selectable waveforms are sawtooth, square and triangle. VCO II offers an additional impulse wave and pulse width control for the square wave. The octave can be set between 4`, 8`and 16` or 32’. An additional detune amount of plusminus one octave can be set for VCO 2 and VCO 3. The VCOs can either be modulatied by an LFO or VCO 3. VCO1 can be set to SYNC and two digital ringmodulations are available as VCO1+2 and VCO2+3. The mixer allows level control of all oscillators plus noise and the level of the external audio input. The lowpass filter is a resonant 24 dB/octave design. Emphasis (resonance) can be set up to self oscillation. The cutoff frequency can be automodulated by an LFO or by and VCO. KEY controls the influence of the keyboard pitch on the cutoff parameter (Keyboard scaling). Both VCF and VCA have their propietary envelope generators with Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release parameters. The VCA can also be modulated by an LFO for characteristic tremolo effects. There are LFOs. The waveforms offered are sawtooth, rectangle, triangle and random. The can be set to „One Shot“ mode to be used as simple envelopes. The MFB-SYNTH II 50 preset- and 49 memory locations. The synthesizer will respond to incoming velocity data (MIDI). The velocity information can be used to control either VCF cutoff or VCA level. Pitch- and Modulation wheel are both recognized. The step sequencer sends and receveives MIDI clock and responds to Start and Stop MIDI commands. Connectors: MIDI In/Out, Audio In/Out , CV/GATE In, Power (power supply included) The MFB Synth II measures 315 x 165 x 387 mm. It has the following connectors: MIDI In/Out, Audio In/Out , CV/GATE In, and Power."

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