Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kawai K5000S Synthesizer

via this auction
"61 Keys with Velocity and Channel Aftertouch, textured black keys Advanced Additive 32 Sources, 64 Harmonics per Source (#1-64 or #65-128), 5-stage, looping amplitude envelope for each harmonic, 123 specially sampled PCM waveforms, 128-band Formant Filter (with looping envelopes and LFO) per source, up to 6 Sources per Single patch, Amplitude Modulation between two Sources, Morf mode, 24dB/oct resonant DCF (lowpass/highpass), DCA, LFO, 12 Velocity Curves, Moduation Matrix of 14 control sources and 20 destinations, Portamento Effects 4 Effects Buses / 4 Routing Algorithms, 4 Simultaneous Effects / 37 types, 11 Reverb types, 7- Band Graphic Equalizer Sound Banks Single – A & D Banks Multi – 4 zones, layers, splits, zone wrapping, velocity switching, independent MIDI channels Memory Internal – A Bank - 60 (variable up to 128), D Bank - 60 (variable up to 128), Mulit - 64 Arpeggiator 40 patterns / 11 modes – Up, down, up/down, chord gates, chord triggers, sequencer types, random, User assignable (8 types), hold, hold & trigger Macro Control Knobs Harmonics High, Harmonics Low, Even/Odd Balance, Formant Filter Depth, Formant Filter Bias, Formant Filter Speed, DCF Cutoff, DCF Resonance, Velocity Amount, DCF/DCA Attack, DCF/DCA Decay, DCF/DCA Release, 4 user assignable knobs (2 macros each), Arpeggiator Patterns, Argeggiator Mode, Arpeggiator Speed, Portamento Speed Panel Switches A/D and multi banks, bank select x 13, program select x 10, quick edit access, quick MIDI, edit, system, disk, write, soft switches (function keys) x 16, Arpeggiator On/Off, Portamento On/Off, 2 User assignable switches Disk Drive 3.5" 2DD / 2HD (DOS format) floppy disk, Single, Bank, All patch load/save, User arpeggiator patterns, system upgrades Controllers Main Volume Slider, Individual Volume Slider, Pitch Bend Wheel, Moduation Wheel, Data Entry Dial Jacks Stereo Headphone, Main Output (L,R), Individual Output (L,R), MIDI A IN/OUT/THRU, Expression Pedal, Hold Pedal, assignable foot switch 1 & 2"

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