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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Alesis Fusion 8HD Synthesizer Workstation

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"Professional feel and features combined in one powerful workstation.

The Alesis Fusion 8HD Keyboard Workstation boasts a revolutionary operating system, the Fusion OS, that is constantly being refined by Alesis and its developers to bring you the ultimate workstation available. It also brings together 4 different synthesis types with an 88-note fully weighted keyboard, 8-channel hard disk recording, sampling, effects, lots of expansion possibilities, and full-blown sequencing in one awe-inspiring machine.

At the heart of the Alesis Fusion 8HD is the Coldfire processor surrounded by 7 high-performance DSPs, giving you 4 synthesis types: sample playback, virtual analog, FM synthesis, and physical modeling. The sample playback synth type provides ultrarealistic play for instruments like grand pianos, drums, and guitars, etc. You can even make your own custom synth instruments by loading your own samples with the onboard sampler. The virtual analog synth brings you the sounds from the award-winning Ion and Micron virtual analog synths, as well as the actual-analog A6 Andromeda. FM synthesis gives you the ability to emulate many well known synthesizers of the 80s. For the physical modeling section Alesis uses the most advanced technology available today for synthesizing wind and reed instruments with incredible clarity.

The Fusion Keyboard is the only workstation of its kind that can save and load programs off of a hard disk (or the removable CompactFlash memory). By storing all your sounds on the internal disk you'll always have your programs available to you. You'll never have to load samples off a slow CD-ROM or floppy-disk.

You can also record up to 8 channels of 24-bit audio to the 40GB hard drive. The workstation's internal sequencer lets you edit your MIDI and multitrack recordings together just like on a computer. DSP effects can be applied to MIDI, audio, or both. You can transfer your mixdown to a computer via USB 2.0.

Upgradeability includes internal RAM (up to 192MB).

An incredible unit for professional recording studios, project or home studio, and even live keyboard players.

Latest Fusion update!

Fusion OS is a completely upgradeable platform that will continue to improve with each and every release. There are now hundreds of new program sounds, mixes, and arpeggiator patterns, with more free sounds available via download. This update as well as all future updates to the software and the sounds can be found at:,59,0,0,1,0

Please contact your Alesis tech support representative with any questions about the Fusion 8HD Keyboard Workstation.

Alesis Fusion 8HD 88-Note Keyboard Workstation Specifications:

* 51-1/2"W x 5"H x 14"D
* 51 lbs.
* Tone generator: Fusion Engine Synthesis - Sample Playback, Virtual Analog, FM,
* Physical Modeling
* Polyphony: Dynamic processor allocation. Up to 180 voices of sample playback
* Multitimbral capacity: Mix - 8 internal/16 external; Song - 16 internal/16 external
* Waveforms- tones: 120MB (when converted to 16-bit linear format)
* Sounds: 800 preset instruments, 64 preset drum kits, 128 GM programs, 8 GM drum kits
* Mixes: 200 mixes
* Filters: 13 types
* Effects- types and amt: 20 Reverbs, 10 Chorus, 50 Insert Effects, 4 Band EQ (low shelf, low, mid, high mid, Hi shelve
* Multisamples (waveform capacity): 128 samples per Multisample
* Sampling sources: analog input L/R, stereo output (resampling)
* A/D conversion: 24-bit, 64X oversampling
* D/A conversion: 24-bit, 128X oversampling
* Sampling frequencies: 44.1kHz
* Memory: 64MB installed, optional expansion to 192MB
* Sampling time: 11 min, 53 sec (onboard memory); 37 min, 15 sec (expansion memory)
* Sample formats: Alesis format, wav
* Sequencer: capacity based on HD limitations, 480 ppq note resolution, 32 tracks, 1,000 preset arpeggios, unlimited user arpeggios, SMF sequence format
* Controllers: Pitch Bend Wheel, Modulation Wheel, Aftertouch, Assignable Control Knobs (4), Assignable Trigger Buttons (4), Assignable Switches (2)
* Display: 240 x 128 backlit LCD
* External storage: CompactFlash Type I and Type II, SATA HD and CD-RW
* Connectors: stereo input 1/4" L-Mono/R, 1/4" stereo headphone jack, 1/4" stereo main output (L/R), 1/4" stereo aux output (L/R), S/PDIF output (coax/optical), optical ADAT output, MIDI I/O/Thru, sustain pedal, footswitch, expression pedal, USB (to host), 8 - 1/4" recording inputs, SATA external drive, AC power (cable included)
* Power consumption: 50W

Alesis Fusion 8HD 88-Note Keyboard Workstation Features:

* Fusion OS workstation
* 88-note fully-weighted keyboard
* 4 integrated synthesis types: sample playback, virtual analog, FM, and physical modeling
* 8-track, 24-bit hard disk recording
* High-definition 24-bit sampler
* Comprehensive sample waveform editing
* 64MB sampler RAM (up to 192MB)
* 32-track MIDI sequencer
* Integrated multichannel digital audio playback
* Save and load programs off hard disk or Compact Flash
* Onboard grand piano based on acclaimed Holy Grail Piano by Q Up Arts
* Storage: 40GB hard drive, USB 2.0, CompactFlash, and the optional external Fusion drive CD-R, DVD storage, and/or external hard disk
* Assignable buttons and 360° knobs
* Programmable arpeggiator with standard, phrase, and drum machine playback
* Large 240x128 backlit LCD
* Includes AC power cable"

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