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Monday, March 02, 2009


via this auction
"This synth has midi in out and through and is touch sensitive with 99 fully editable patches and an on board sequencer.this synth has also been outfited with an american rated power supply.
This interesting Italian made synth sounds great. Inside are SSM chips - this family of chips is what made the Sequential Prophet 5 early revisions and many other classic analog synths sound so warm and fat! Its 12 note polyphonic, and you can play 2 sounds at once, so think of this as 2 vintage synths in 1. The DCOs have volume levels for several divided octaves - the ability to play multiple octaves per voice /note can result in some really fat sounds - most synths dont offer this. Though i havent verified this, i read that this unit can be edited using MIDI continuous controllers, which would make it very easy to control parameters from most MIDI sequencers for real time sound manipulation during sequence playback! This synth responds to velocity as well."

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