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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Doepfer A-100 Analog Modular Synthesizer System

via this auction
"The System contains the following modules:
1 x A-105 VCF SSM 24dbLowPass
1 x A-106-5 SEM Type VCF
2 x A-110 Standard-VCO
1 x A-114 Ringmodulator
1 x A-117 DNG Digital Noise 808 Source
1 x A-118 Noise/Random
1 x A-131 logarithmischer VCA
1 x A-132 Dual VCA
1 x A-138b logarithmischer Mixer
1 x A-140 ADSR
1 x A-141 VC-ADSR
1 x A-145 LFO
1 x A-147 VC LFO
1 x A-148 Dual-S&H
1 x A-160 Trigger-Teiler
1 x A-161 Trigger-Sequencer
1 x A-162 Dual-Trigger-Delay
1 x A-171 VCSL Slew Limiter
2 x A-180 Multiple I
1 x A-189-1 VCB Bit Cruncher
1 x A-190 MCVS Midi Interface
1 x 6 HE Doepfer Rack Power Supply 2 (Ringcore)"

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