Tuesday, March 31, 2009

CASIO SK-1 Digital Sampling Keyboard Synthesizer

via this auction
"Features sampling, loop set buttons, 2 one key play buttons, Memory: demo,clear, delete, auto play, reset buttons, Rhythm: tempo up and down, rhythm select, fill-in, tone: piano, brass ensemble, trumpet, flute, human voice, synth drums, pipe organ, jazz organ, synthe-sizing, sample. Effect: porta-mento, envelope select, synthe-sizing, vibrato buttons. Volume, Mode: solo 1, solo 2, chord, function: power, off, play, record switches. 16'disco, 8' rock, 5 1/3' pops, 4' march, 2 2/3' samba, 2' bossa nova, 1 3/5' rhumba, 4 beat 1 1/3', 1' swing, slow rock, waltz. Operates with (5) AA batteries (not included), or optional ac adapter (DC 7.5V, 1.8 W)."

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