Monday, March 09, 2009


via this auction

"CASIO 8 voice digital sampling synthesizer with 1 Mb onboard memory expandable to 2 Mb... This machine is not only sampler but also powerful synthesizer which could use either samples, additive synthesis (48 harmonics) or direct wave drawing (or redrawing samples or preset waves (SAW-TOOTH,SQUARE,PULSE,DOUBLE SIN,SAW-PULSE,RANDOM)). These raw waves go to the standard subtractive synthesizer circuits as a DCF (with resonance which sometimes sounds like a distortion), DCA and LFO (SIN,SAW UP,SAW DOWN,TRIANGLE,SQUARE,RANDOM). Casio has quite large graphic backlit LCD (96 x 64 dots) which is ideal for wave drawing, making loops, for 8-segment envelopes. It does have it's on unique sound featuring gritty digital resonant filters mostly appropriate for industrial stuff."

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