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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Clavia Nord Lead 2X

via this auction
"Crystal-clear sound quality from improved 24-bit/96kHz converters
The awesome sound in the Nord Lead 2X is refined even further thanks to the brand new, crystal clear 24-bit DACs running at 96kHz .

Clavia Nord Lead 2X Features:
* Polyphony: 20 voices
* Velocity programming: Each function that is controlled by a knob, can be programmed to be controlled by velocity
* Morphing: Each function that is controlled by a knob can also be controlled by the modulation wheel/pedal to continuously fade between two sets of values
* 4-octave velocity sensitive keyboard
* Octave Shift buttons (+/-2 oct.)
* Keyboard Split, two sections
* Wooden Pitch Stick
* Modulation Wheel
* 1 pedal input for sustain and 1 for expression pedal
* 3 digit LED display, 26 knobs and 27 buttons for program editing
* Oscillator 1 generating sine, triangle, sawtooth or pulse wave with adjustable width
* Oscillator 2 generating triangle, sawtooth or pulse (with adjustable width) and can also generate noise with a color control
* 12 dB "2 pole" low pass, 24dB "4-pole" low-pass, band-pass or high-pass. Cutoff, resonance, envelope amount, envelope amount controlled by velocity. ADSR envelope. Filter keyboard tracking can be set to full, half or off. Filter distortion"

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