Thursday, February 12, 2009

Casio VZ-8M

via this auction

"CASIO VZ-8M was last & very strange synthesizer casio's made
it has lot of unique edit function that non of other synth have
sound is very clear digital sounds of it's own once if you tweak it up,it creates many strange & experimental digital synth sounds!

CASIO VZ-8M features;
A single voice is made with 8 oscillators
and these OSCs are freely patched like a modular synthesizer,
using Mix, Ring Modulation, Phase Distortion
8 waveforms are available for oscillators: sine, saw1~5, noise1~2.
Each OSC has its dedicated 8-step amp envelope.
Each voice has one pitch envelope. It works very fast and wide.
There's one LFO for vibrato and tremolo.
Up to 4 voices (32 oscillators) can be layered in the Operation Memory Mode.
There's no filter and effects.

this page contains some of unique sounds of CASIO VZ-8M"

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