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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Casio SK-1

via this auction
"9.38 kHz sampling frequency
8 bit
1.4 seconds of sampling
holds one sample
32 mini keys
13 envelope shapes
11 drum patterns: disco, rock, pops, march, samba, bossa nova, rhumba, 4 beat, swing, slow rock, waltz
additive synth section.
5 PCM tones: piano, brass ensemble, trumpet, synth drums, human voice
3 synth tones: flute, pipe organ, jazz organ
Sequencer: 400 steps of polyphonic programming or 99 step chord sequence with and 198 steps each of two solo voices.
Loses all sequence and sample memory when turned off.

There are microphone and line inputs on the rear panel for sampling from electronic sources, as well as a microphone on the front panel. Once a sound is sampled, you can change its amplitude envelope (attack, decay, sustain, release) to one of 13 preset envelopes, as well as looping the sample. The sampler is voice- or sound-activated, so it won't try to sample until it hears an input on the mic or line input."

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