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Monday, January 19, 2009

Yamaha SS30 String Synth

via this auction
"the SS30 uses divide-down circuitry with two sets of top-octave generators which can be detuned against each other, plus an Ensemble section, The SS30 has actually got 4 main voice cards its like a 4 voice poly with further divide down circuitry
This link may be of interest to see the main voice cards and to see how well built the SS30 actually is The woodwork is the nicest I have seen on a synth -all marine grade ply with a thick wood veneer compared to CS-80 string presets The CS80´s sound thin and weedy -- not very realisitc by any accounts -- while the SS30 has the same quality as a Solina/ARP String Ensemble, i. e. making synthesised strings sound as realistic as possible. Also, the SS30 has an airy quality to it (others would call it "thin" or "anemic") which the CS80 can only achieve with extensive EQ tweaking."

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