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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stylophone 350S Analog Synth with Photo Control

via this auction
"Stylophone 350S with Photo Control. The biggest and best version of this British classic analog noise organ used by Bowie and others. Fitted with a new amp-IC chip. Works perfectly! Bought it from one year ago.

Specs from the Stylophone site:
The internal speaker produces a rich sound, and the volume can be really PUMPED UP!

Special Effects include:
Waa Waa
Decay (long & short)
Reiteration (long & short)
Vibrato (long & short)
Woodwind (4 settings)
Brass (2 settings)
Strings (2 settings)
Photo Control (light sensitive)
Built-in eliptical speaker

The option to connect the 350S to a separate instrument amplifier - to further extend possibilities - makes this a truly versatile musical instrument! Lists for $399."

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