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Friday, January 16, 2009

Monotonic labs U-73 synthesizer

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The Monotonic Labs Type-U73 Synthesizer has been designed with the experimental musician in mind. There are two knobs ([x] and [y]), one power switch, a line in and a line out. The first thing worth mentioning is the U73 will work with no input signal it is it's own instrument. Turn in on with just the output jack connected and it will make sound. In this configuration, the [y] knob controls the pitch and the [x] knob (depending on where the [y] knob is positioned) acts as a filter and modulator. As the pitch of [y] becomes lower, [x] behaves more as a filter. As the pitch of [y] becomes higher, [x] behaves like more as a modulator. When behaving as a modulator, [x] will produce discrete stepped tones/scales. With no input signal, the U73 is very useful for making a variety of noises that can be bent and twisted by your favorite effects (delay, flange, etc, etc.) to produce all sorts of textures and soundscapes. The other configuration is done by sending a signal to the [y] line in jack such as the output from another oscillator. The frequency of the input signal will control the frequency of the U73 output signal. A quick word on input signals the U73 has been tested with a tone generator from 20Hz to 20kHz with excellent results. The U73 has also been tested with drum loops and guitar tracks from pro tools with not so excellent results. Point being, complex waveforms (like stringed instruments and anything recorded with a microphone) tend to sound like garbage. Input signals like sine waves and square waves are more like what the line in was designed for so be advised. Operates with a 9-volt battery only (included).

Some droney examples are available at the manufacturers myspace page"

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