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Monday, January 05, 2009

Akai EWI 4000S Wind Controller

via this auction
"# Electronic Valve Instrument (EVI) fingering mode for brass players
# Touch sensitive keys and octave roller for quick and responsive playing
# Sensitive breath sensor for expressive dynamics
# Built-in analog modeling synth sound module
# Built-in MIDI output for use with sound modules
# PC and Mac Editor software for customizing, storing and instantly recalling internal sounds
# Lightweight and portable design with battery power
* Polyphony/Multitimbral Parts
* 2/0
Filter Types/Resonance
* LP/HP/BP/BR dual filters in serial
Single Programs ROM/RAM
* 99
* Yes
Built-in Computer Interface/Type
Controller Inputs
* Breath, touch pads
# of Effects Processors/Effects
* Chorus, Delay, Reverb
# of Audio Outputs/Type
* (2) 1/4" , 1/8"stereo headphone"

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