Thursday, December 18, 2008

Roland Super JX JX-10

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"The Roland Super JX (JX-10) appeared in 1986 and was manufactured until 1989. It is a 12-voice digital/analog hybrid synthesizer with 24 DCO's (digital controlled oscillators) and a 76-key velocity and pressure sensitive keyboard. Each voice consists of two DCO's, a VCF, VCA, and two ADSR envelope generators. There are 100 editable internal Tones, 50 ROM and 50 RAM, and 64 on-board patches. Memory can be expanded by the use of M-16 or M-64 cartridges for an additional 32 or 64 patches respectively. There is an internal scratch sequencer and song data is stored in the memory cartridges. It has a single bender/modulation lever and a 32-character blue fluorescent display."The JX-10 is comprised of two completely separate 6-voice Tone Modules (A-Upper and B-Lower) which allow it to function as a single 12-voice synthesizer or as two 6-voice synths capable of layering or splitting two different Tones simultaneously. The JX-10 has six modes of play:
Dual - layers sounds from both Tone modules (which can be balanced) Split - allows for split-keyboard play of the Tone modules (upper and lower sections can overlap) Whole A - Upper Tone Module controlling all 12 voices Whole B - Lower Tone Module controlling all 12 voices Touch Voice - adds velocity switching Cross-Fade - similar to Touch Voice but as you play harder, one Tone fades in while the other Tone fades out Chase Play is an echo of sorts which alternates Tones from the the Upper and Lower Tone Modules at programmed intervals.

This keyboard has some very warm pads, analog synth sounds, vintage leads and tones."

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