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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Roland Super JX (JX-10)

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"A Roland Super JX-10 in near-mint condition. It is a later serial number with the updated ROM (probably 1988), and a 3-Prong grounded cord. It's the last analog synth Roland produced, running stable DCO waveform generators (in a 24-oscillator configuration) through traditional analog VCA, chorus, and VCF. It's strength is the ability to sound metallic and digital like a DX7, while still able to accurately build great Jupiter-like sawtooths and lush pads. The keyboard is wonderfully playable, fast, comfy, and responsive. It can do floating split-points and has a key chase function that was way ahead of its time for a non multitimbral instrument. It has a 50 patch memory, but it comes with an empty M64C cartridge for extra room for more custom sound-saving."

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