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Monday, December 01, 2008

Roland JD-800

images at this auction
"This keyboard is an extremely programmable digital synthesizer that retailed for $3000 when it was first introduced.

Keyboard: 61 keys, Velocity, Channel aftertouch, 4 velocity curves
Polyphony: 24 voices 6 Parts Multitimbral (Multi mode): 5 part multitimbral + drum mode
Sound memory: 64 internal RAM patches storage positions plus 64 Rom-card
Oscillators: ROM based digital synthesizer
Tone generation: S+S (Sampling and Synthesis) with resonant filters. 6 MegaByte ROM with 108 PCM Waves, expandable by PCM Rom Cards.CD Quality waveforms, 24 db Filters, 108 internal source waveforms:
* 13 Analog waves
* 22 digital waves
* 10 samples
* 16 percussion samples
* 9 overtones
* 4 piano's
* 17 attack transients
* 6 wind samples
* 9 noise
* 2 effect samples

You can also add waveforms from ROM plug-in cards
125 buttons, knobs and sliders on the front panel, being 75 dedicated for sound editing. All this send out recordable sysex! You can control the JD-990 with it."

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