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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Roland GR-707

via this auction
"The GR700 Guitar synth
Has full synth controls on guitar, Cutoff/Res/LFO Mod/Guitar Tone/Balance/Master Vol/MIX Mode(guitar only-guitar and synth - synth only)/Pickup select
Each string can be enabled or disabled to allow a mix of synth and guitar (you can have 3 strings synth and 3 guitar for example)
You can mix the guiar and synth sounds to get a perfect mix
Has original Whammy bar in plastic
Original GR case with GR logo and hot pink fuzzy lining (it was the style of the time!)
Original Allen keys for adjustments
Epoxy upper stabilizer
15 Pin interface lead (in good condition, try finding one of these!)

The GR707 Guitar Pedal control/edit/synth module
Based on Rolands standout JX3P Synth module, all parametres can be edited and saved using the guitar controls and pedal entries
Has MIDI out onboard to hook up to any other midi synth available
Cannon Stereo outputs
individual guitar only output
Stereo 1/4 outputs
Pitch Pedal input
VCF pedal input
Hold Pedal (play a note, hit hold, it susstains original note/chord while you play over the top of it)
Memory card protect switch
Controller input plug
High, Mid, Low output volume (for direct input to amplifiers)
Manual tune/detune
Memory Card Input
Power on/off switch
Hundreds of great sounds, classic roland stuff
M 16C Memory card has loads more sounds and can also be used in the 909, 707 and 808 drum machines and any other roland machines that are compatible
Super heavy duty metal construction, they don't make em like this anymore!
Built in moulded handles for easy handling

The PG 200 External Controller
This controller allows direct access to every control on the G700 synth module (also works on the JX3P and a few others)
Saves time with a dial or fader for every function including
DCO: range, waveform, freq mod
DCO2: range, tune, waveform, fine tune, cross mod, freq mod
LFO: waveform, delay time, rate
VCF: source mix, hpf, cutoff, res, lfo mod, env mod, pitch follow
ENVELOPE: Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release
Chorus, mode, master level
EDIT and SAVE all patches and modifications via the controller
Requires lead, easy to get made up (5 pin), Din lead may work"

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