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Friday, November 14, 2008

Roland TB-303

via this auction
"acidlab modded TB-303 Bassline. This is THE acid synth. Works great. The additional acidlab features include:

- Overdrive: Gives a distorted tone to VCO
- Decay: Normal 303 decay is fixed at 2 seconds, now you can set time from 0-2sec
- Resonance Boost: Increases the amount of resonance
- X-MOD: This gives the VCO a more harmonic overtone

- Accent on/off: On all notes will accent, Off notes will accent as programmed
- Slide on/off: Up normal, Down all notes will slide
- Bend on/Off: On notes bend in the on position, Off notes play normal

- Accent, Slide, Gate: The LED's light as programmed

For more info on this mod, see this webpage."

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