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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Roland GR-300

images at this auction
"Features of the GR-300:
* 6-voice polyphony
* 2 oscillators per voice
* VCOs are directly harmonically locked to each string, but can be tuned separately
* VCF with variable length sweep up and down
* Low Frequency Oscillator, for Vibrato Effects
* Built-in foot switch controls the VCO mode (single/dual)
* Built-in foot switches control the VCO harmonize pitch (detuning of the VCO's)
* Built-in foot switch controls the VCF mode (on, bypass, or inverted)
* Pedal control input for the VCF
* The GR-300 can output either the guitar, the synth, or a mix of the two
* Synchronized, flashing LED status indicators
* Heavy-Duty Construction with Quality Components
* All-Analog Construction

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