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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Plan B Model 15 oscillator

via this auction

"This is the mk1 version of this amazing sounding oscillator for eurorack modulars. The immensely popular Plan B Model 15 is an analog Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) featuring an all-discrete component triangle wave core, two independent fully processed (+/-) VC inputs, a single 1V/Oct input, a dedicated linear FM input, sync, and independent Sine, Triangle, Saw, PWM and Wave Morph Outputs. The VC Wave Morph is a vactrol-based (read: smooth) crossfade function via a manual pot setting or VC control and the morphs from Sine to either Saw or Square wave outputs. Due to it's triangle core architecture, the sound replicates that of the Buchla 258 with stability better than .01% (less than 4 hertz drift at 1kHz over 24 hours) and boasts a frequency range of 1 to 20Khz and a maximum power consumption of only 40mA."

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