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Thursday, November 27, 2008

360 Systems MIDI Bass

images at this auction
"The MidiBass is a compact module with rom based sampled sounds specifically bass. There are four chip locations available.

Sounds available from 360 include slapped & popped funk bass, flat picked roundwound jazz bass, fingerpicked P-bass, rippers, rickenbackers, Stand-up acoustic Bass, Bowed Bass, DX7, Mini-Moogs, and many more.

Features include
a programmable split point
programmable key priority (low, high, last)
plays on midi channels 1 through 14 (or omni mode)
and more.

I know of 3 versions of the 360 Systems MidiBass. The logo was different on one of the units and the Knob color was the only difference on the other two."

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