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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Waldorf Pulse Plus

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"About the Pulse Plus -
The Pulse Plus was manufactured around 1996 by Waldorf.

This has been known to be one of the best monophonic synths that can make some of the most amazing sounds!

The Plus version contains a CV/Midi convertor built in so it can work with older analog synths as well as MIDI synths. The notes can be sent either Hz/Volts like Yamaha, Korg, and others, or Oct/Volt like Roland, Moog, Sequential Circuits, and others. A very nice feature to have so you can run older analog gear with equipment of today all in one unit!

It also has an Audio input which can be routed through the filter and amplifier sections.

Don't let the simplistic design fool you! This little machine can make some really great sounds! fat bass to high crisps, it has it where it counts!

There are 99 user memory spots and one super bonus.. Random. There is a patch that randomizes the parameters so you can virtually get a new sound patch instantly and everytime! This is an awesome feature for those looking for something quick without patching it themselves.

It has 6 knobs that have several controls each according to the selction that you want to change.

3 Oscillators all with selectable shapes, semitune, and tune and pw modulation on the first 2 osc's.

2 Lfo's with variabble speeds and LFO1 has selectable shapes while LFO2 has delay amount.

The Pulse has a built in mixer section for all three osc's as well as external input and noise.

2 Envelope Generators both with Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, Keytrack, and Trigger variables.

The Pulse Plus also has a Modulation section where you can select a source (Off, LFO1, LFO1 Modwheel, LFO1 Aftertouch, LFO2, LFO2 Env2, Env1, Env2, Velocity, Keytrack, Pitch Follow, Pitch Bend, Modwheel, Aftertouch, Breath Controller, and Control X) and destination (Pitch, Osc1 Pitch, Osc2 Pitch, Osc3 Pitch, Pulsewidth1, Pulsewidth2, Osc1 Level, Osc2 Level, Osc3 Level, Noise Level, Cutoff, Resonance, Volume, Panning, LFO1 Speed, and Mod1 Amount).

It also has a built in Arpeggiator with selectable range, tempo, and mode.

The VCF (Voltage Controlled filter) has controls for Cutoff, Env1 Sens, Cutoff Mod, Key Track, Velo Sens, and Resonance.

The VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) has a knob for Volume and Panning.

The rear of the unit has CV In, Gate In, CV1 Out, CV2 Out, Gate Out, Audio In for Filter, MIDI In, Thru, and Out, Power adapter jack, and Stereo Outputs.

Nice and compact, it is housed irack mountable box that is 2 spaces in height.

The serial number on this particular Pulse Plus is 96310321.

The Pulse requires a 12VDC 500mA power supply which is included."

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