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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Roland RS-09

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"The RS-09 was manufactured by the Roland Corporation in 1979-1980.

This has been known to have nice fat string and organ sounds!

The RS-09 is Duphonic/Polyphonic due to it having 2 VCO's (Voltage Control Oscillators)

There is an external audio in as well that routes and external source throyugh the ensemble effect..

More of a simpler synth by design. the RS-09 produces only String and Organ sounds. However, they are thick and fat sounding with a few parameters that can be altered.

The front of the unit (from left to right) consists of the following...
...Power Switch
...Volume Control Knob
...Tone Control
...Vibrato (Delay Time, Rate, and Depth)
...Transpose Switch (drops the synth one octave down)
...Organ Section (8' Slider, 4' slider, 2' slider, 1' slider, Organ 1 button, Organ 2 button, and Ensemble buton)
...String Section (8' button, 4' button, Ensemble button, and Attack control slider)
...Envelope (Release control slider and Mode 1/2 selector switch)
...Ensemble Mode 1/2 selector swicth
...Master Tuning knob

The rear of the unit consists of the following (from left to right)...
...External Audio In 1/4" jack with L/M/H selector swicth
...Sustain Pedal 1/4" jack
...Gate and Organ Raw Signal Output 1/4" jack
...Headphone 1/4" jack
...Output (Stereo/Mono 1/4" jacks and L/M/H selector switch"

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