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Monday, October 20, 2008

Roland MKS-80 Super Jupiter

images at this auction

"The MKS-80 is often regarded as Roland's most powerful analog synth in a 2u rack. Sound and feature set is partly Jupiter 8 and partly Jupiter 6 - true classic analog with 16 vco's! It's a beast. It will eat your software synthesizer for breakfast and then come back for more."


themusicfactory said...

wow! wish i had one of those - oh wait, i'm the one selling it.:)

at least it made the matrixsynth-b - we're famous!

REwire said...

"I believe, based on the sn that this is a rev5 machine which seems to be the one to want."

Nice try.

themusicfactory said...

ouch. is my information incorrect? i've always heard that the rev5 machines had cleaner audio outputs and more stable power supplies - less prone to failure than rev4 machines.