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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Roland CSQ-100

via this auction
"Roland's single channel CSQ-100, little brother to the CSQ-600 is an early digital storage analogue sequencer. With capacity for a total of 168 notes in either two sequences of 84 or segued as 168. Sequences may be written using only the CV note only), giving a regular meter from the clock, CV & Gate (note and time), giving variable note length or just the Gate (time value) to an existing CV sequence. A keyboard CV can be used to transpose (or "trasposed" according to the manual!) the running sequence.

Control Voltage output range: -2V to +8V (1V/Octave)
Gate output: +15V on 0V off
Control Voltage input range: 0V to +5V
Gate Threshold: +2.5V
Start Open-Close Contact or: +15V pulse
Step: +15V pulse
Download PDF Manual"

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