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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Memorymoog Plus

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"The MemoryMoog is without a shadow of doubt, the most gutsy, powerful Polysynth ever!. Three VCOs with Mixable waveforms, dual concentric vernieresque tuning pots feeding true DISCRETE Moog Ladder filters into overdrive and beyond, ultra fast envelope generators (ADSR, not ADS as on the Mini), Prophet-5 style Polymod section with numerous routings, Alpha numeric readout that gives the controls` old and new values side by side when editing existing patches so they can be returned, Memorizer that holds 100 patches driven by a 0-9 a-d keypad with a massive LED patch number readout above, loads of interfacing including the ability to drive a Monosynth from the highest note played from either CV/Gate or CV/S-Trig, the Plus model has a 4000 note step/realtime sequencer with editing, accurate Tempo readout, external clock, storage of six sequences including one for the external Monosynth, Sequence merging and a Security passcode to stop anyone from overwriting your presets and a simple 3-port ! MIDI interface that only responds to note-on note-off and Patch change info.. The Polymod section is enhanced by dropping the third VCO into LFO mode with loadsa destinations leaving enough VCO Power to spare.. The MM`s Mixer includes a Pink noise generator and the filter kbd tracking is the same as the Mini, OFF, 1/3, 2/3, FULL. various ENV modes are also included such as return to Zero and Conditional contour that makes the EG finish its Attack/Release cycle if you just touch a key. The Unison mode is programmable for each patch.. choose the number of voice cards from 1 (like a Minimoog, just 3-VCOs) to 6 (all 18 for real mayhem!) and the type of keying.. Last/Hi/Lo note priority, multiple/single triggering. the Poly mode has different trigger modes too, such as Cyclic (like an OB-Xa / Polysix etc) and a mode like the Prophet where the same repeated note uses the same voice card. The arpeggiator (all MMs) has also 6-modes of operation)...SO Apart from not having separate clocks for th! e PWM, Arpeggiator and LFO duties (also Sequencer on the plus) the MemoryMoog is stuffed with functionality too, shame the thing didn`t have a multimode filter, but if it did there`d be no excuse for keeping the Jupiter-6 (;-)."

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