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Friday, October 17, 2008


via this auction
"Features from Korg: With the ER1 you have access to the PHATTEST and most aggressive analog synth sounds around with real-time control of every parameter - You can truely create your own sound. With it's very simple interface you can create analog beat rhythms and then modify them in realtime using an array of knobs and switches. It is design is based upon the Korg Prophecy and Z1, two synths that are highly acclaimed for their analog sounds. You can create upto four rhythmic patterns all sync'd together and quantize them in real-time. You can even input your own synth in the two external inputs and then modify it using the Electribe ER-1 - Funky L^) Don't forget the built-in step sequencer for creating un-heard off effects and sounds. It's the only way to go!!"

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