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Monday, September 29, 2008


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"The Rhythm 330 (TR-330) was the fourth analogue drum machine from the Roland stable and was released in 1973 (a year after the first (the TR-77). Whilst it only had the bare minimum of 10 patterns and 8 drum sounds, the Rhythm 330 differed in that it had a built in amplifier and speaker and was the first to sport the new "wooden cube" shape that would continue to the last of the '70s machines with the CR-78 (1978). The speaker quality actually sounds like that lovely warm sound you might remember of the old radiogram hi-fi units of the seventies. It produces a very warm, punchy sound and can be very useful for recording as an alternative to the direct audio output. Like many of the early Rolands, each model has a unique sound and the 330 is no exception. Unlike some other TR models, the 330's "balance control" can completely mute the hi-hat if required (or conversely remove the kick at the other extreme). Because of this, we've been able to provide you with two versions of each rhythm to suit your needs and it also enabled us to produce of a MASSIVE 124 x multi-sampled pack of all the individual sounds. On this machine, they really got the hi-hat just right. The snare is very short and snappy and the kick has a lovely click and boom to it. Both sound very similar to the results you can achieve by tweaking the much later TR-808. The congas are unusual too, listen to that decaaaay! Although a relatively recent addition to the Dubsounds collection, the TR-330 is already being put to good use (we really love the kick sound)."

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