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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Novation A-Station

via this auction
"Main Features
* Four hundred Program sound locations Two hundred factory programmed sounds are included and a further two hundred user sound memory locations are provided (the two hundred factory sounds may be overwritten).

* Powerful Oscillators
Three Oscillators provide Sawtooth, Square, Variable Pulse, Triangle and Sine waves. The Sawtooth, Triangle and Sine waveforms may be duplicated within an Oscillator to provide thicker sounding waveforms. Synchronization and FM between two Oscillators allow the generation of metallic or percussive timbres. A white noise source completes the waveform engine.

* External Audio Input
The Mixer allows an external audio signal to be combined with the Oscillators and processed through the Filter and Envelopes. Envelopes may then be auto-triggered by the external signal.

* Filter
The filter in the A-Station Synthesizer delivers the liquid sound of an analogue filter. Selectable Low-pass, 12dB or 24dB cut-off curves with Resonance, Overdrive and Resonance normalize make it easy to faithfully recreate anything from distorted rave screams to tightly rounded bass patches.

* Vocoder
The 12 band Vocoder makes it easy to create Robot and Talky sound effects.

* Arpeggiator
The arpeggiator features six different pattern types with adjustable gate time for staccato effects.

* Comprehensive MIDI control spec
Adjustments of any controls transmit MIDI Controller numbers for real time recording by a sequencer or computer.

* Powerful Effects
The effects processor includes Distortion, Stereo Chorus, Phaser, Reverb, Synchronized Delay and Synchronized Stereo Panning. Complex, dynamic timbres may be created using tempo synchronized effects settings. A final output EQ and Filter section complete with a tempo synchronized LFO allow for a performance to be automatically filtered and time locked from 32nd triplets through to several bars."

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