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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gibson Maestro Sound System for Woodwinds

via this auction
"Maestro for woodwinds. Put a drum loop through it. take an aux out of a reverb delay unit being fed by a guitar and make a feedback loop with it. overdrive it with a vocal mic. Just take it to a gig in its little suitcase. all of these things and plenty more will get you the attention you deserve, everybody wants to know what the hell you are doing when you make music with this bad boy! the history is well documented elsewhere so I won;t bore you with it, suffice to say, you have not heard all the sounds this box can make when you use it right!

It is a US model and so requires a stepdown transformer that I dont have. I understand it also comes with a footpedal, I never had that either and so cannot sell it to you. other than that, its good to go out of the box."

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