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Monday, September 22, 2008

Ensoniq TS-10

images via this auction
"Basic features:
* 61 key pressure sensitive keyboard.Sound engine offers 32 note polyphony and 254 base waveforms300 sounds and 300 presets
* Powerful 24 bit dynamic effects processor
* MIDI controller. 3 MIDI ports ( thru, in, out )
* Load and swap even hundreds more sounds using the built in diskette
* 24 track sequencer with extensive editing control.
* Heavy, solid and quality construction.
* A lot more ! Check out the following links: ,,

* The Ensoniq TS-10 Synthesizer / Keyboard / Workstation
* Fitted Unitek case for the TS-10 (a hard-sided case with a foam-padded interior) (NOTE: Exterior of case does show some light wear. There are some light dents on one side, and sort of an overall "lintiness.")
* Power cord
* Musicians's manual ( a 324 page user manual ) (NOTE: Manual is complete and in overall very good shape, but does have some mild warping or waviness to the pages.)
* Ensoniq foot switch
* Ensoniq volume pedal
* Ensoniq backup diskettes
* Ensoniq and third party sound diskettes ( see list )

List of Ensoniq and third party sound diskettes:
* TSD-1000 - Timbral Magic
* TSD-1001 - Altered Native
* TSD-1002 - Rhythm Construction Set
* TSD-1003 - Pop Rock Orchestral for the Pro
* TSD-1004 - Synth Thesaurus
* TSD-1005 - World Piece
* TSD 1006 - Wave Works
* Syntaur Productions TS Set 1 and 2"


sexxymexican said...


I recently found your website and forum as part of a search. I am pleased at what I have seen so far. I recently bought an Ensoniq TS 10 in great condition but it did not have any manuals or tutorials. I have figured out how to get some sequences going and I figured out how to get them into to a “song”. I know how to arrange the sequences as parts of song steps in order and I can play them back as sequences or as the ”song”. It runs but the sequence barres and the “song steps” never butt up seamlessly. I know this might sound basic for most of you. Still, it remains a fundamental mystery to solve before I can really pump out the scratch recordings and later final work. I also need help saving to disk and correctly loading. From the start I want to build a sound library.

I can download the manual from Internet but what I was really wanted to ask is if any one has the basic parts of getting started with sequencing explained on the TS-10 and other basic info. Later I will probably ask if you all have information about building sounds.

Thank you all in advance. Have a great weekend!!

Carlos/Covision Creative

matrix said...

Hi Carlos, you might not get a reply here like you would on a forum unless others like you are searching. Typically on a blog, people see the posts when they go up and only see them again when looking. You might want to try asking at the forum here, VSE, or HC. Good luck! I'd help if I had a TS10 myself.