Sunday, September 28, 2008

EDP GNAT Special

via this auction
"Gnats are usually nothing but an annoyance, but in this case, we'll make an exception. The Gnat is a single-oscillator version of the Wasp. It has one digital oscillator and analog circuitry with a basic lowpass resonant filter, envelope with Attack and Decay controls, an LFO which can modulate the pitch or filter, and a built-in speaker. Like the Wasp, it has a very un-playable touch-sensitive flat keyboard with 25 keys. The Gnat also had EDP's propietary control that could be used to link the Gnat to a Wasp or other EDP gear.

Like the Wasp, the Gnat also came in three versions. Besides the original, a Gnat Special (pictured above, released 1982) and Gnat Deluxe were released. They had wood panels and a few other changes and the Deluxe used a a standard 3 octave keyboard. The Gnat offers simple and traditional synthesis of analog bass, synth and other useful monophonic sounds. It's designer, Chris Hugget, also designed the Oxford Synth Company's OSCar Synthesizer. "

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