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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

DSI Evolver

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- Stereo audio input for audio processing of external stereo or mono signals, enabling the synth to act as a unique stereo effects processor.
- Monstrous four oscillator voice architecture.
- True stereo signal path with separate Curtis analog low-pass filters in each channel.
- Dedicated onboard effects (feedback, delay, distortion, high-pass filter, etc.).
- 16 x 4 step sequencer really brings the Evolver to life with evolving “pseudo-polyphonic” sounds – you won’t believe it's mono!
- Everything (sequencer, LFOs, and delay) syncs perfectly to MIDI.
- Easy-to-navigate matrix-style interface for quick editing and real-time control of 8 parameters simultaneously.
- Multiple Evolvers can be daisy-chained for more polyphony.

* Monophonic sound
* 2 analog and 2 digital oscillators
* Sawtooth, triangle, saw-triangle, and pulse waveshapes
* 96 wavetables for digital oscillators
* 32 user-loadable wavetables via MIDI
* Hard sync on the analog oscillators
* FM and ring mod on the digital oscillators
* Separate glide for each oscillator
* Real voltage-controlled analog low-pass filters
* One filter for left and one for right channel
* Dual digital 4-pole high-pass filters
* Stereo audio ins
* Noise generator
* Envelope follower and peak detect from external sources
* 3 snappy ADSR envelopes
* External input can be used to gate envelopes and/or step the sequencer
* 4 LFOs (sync with sequencer and MIDI)
* Dual (left and right channel) tunable feedback loops modulate frequency and amount
* Delay with 3 taps, each with separate time and amount modulation
* Syncs to sequencer/MIDI
* Normal feedback and additional feedback path through analog filters
* Distortion! Digital, one for each channel, can be placed before or after analog electronics
* 3 banks of 128 programs for 384 total programs - dump to/from MIDI
* 16 x 4 analog-style sequencer - syncs with MIDI
* Audio-range modulation
* Bipolar (+/-) modulation
* Easy-to-program matrix-style front panel
* 8 endless-turn rotary encoders
* Internal computer and DSP chips can be reprogrammed via MIDI
* 10-3/4"W x 1-1/2"H x 6"D

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