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Sunday, September 14, 2008


via this auction
"Red Square is a patchable analogue monosynth that can also be used as an effects processor. It has some of the advantages of a modular synth (re-wireable synth circuits, external control, external signal routing) and the advantage of a pre-patched monosynth (easy to use, instant sound, tidy front panel). Its 1/4" jacks sockets mean it can easily be integrated into a studio just like any synth or processor.

Glide, sync in, triangle out, saw out, square out, sub oscillator out
Glide, triangle out, saw out, square out
Low Pass filter, cut-off CV, Q CV, cross modulation from VCO1, external signal in
Mode switch, CV control
AR envelope with switchable sustain/release
Full ADSR envelope with normal or inverted output
Speed CV, saw, inverse saw, square and triangle outputs
Sample and Hold
Lag control
Noise Generator
White noise
Ring Modulation
MIDI to CV Converter
With auxiliary controller CV output
Headphone output
Multiples: 2x 4 ways, 1x 5 way

Many other features...
Rotary controls: 31
Push button: 1
Switches: 3 push pull / 2 slide
LEDs: 4
Jack sockets (6.35mm, mono - 1 is stereo); 52
Dimensions: 5U/1HE (x mm). Width (not inc. ears): 435mm. Depth: 100mm
Weight: 5.5 Kg
Power: 240V or 110V, IEC socket
Accessories: Manual, IEC power lead, patch leads
Case: Rugged steel case and aluminium front panel."

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