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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Studio Electronics ATC-1 SE

via this auction
"Two Oscillators: With sync, and cross modulation.Waveforms available individually as well as
Audio Frequency Modulation via Osc2 assignable to Osc1 pitch and/or VCF frequency.
Filter responce is variable via interchangeable cartriges.
Filer cartridge type is patch progammable with an additional 1u rackmount filter selector.
Three ADSR type envelopes with inverting, multi-trigger, and free-run modes
Two LFOs: Both feature Tri, saw up, saw dwn, square, random, and noise waveforms.
Sync LFO2 to incoming midi clock. Select from 7 different beat divisions.
Oscillator pitch glide, auto glide, and midi controller macro for authentic TB-303 emulation.
External audio input.
CV & gate in and out interface.
Holds 512 patches in RAM.
Extensive midi controller assignments and implementation."

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