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Monday, July 07, 2008

Sequential Circuits TOM

via this auction.
"The TOM is massively flexible for an old drum machine, all the sounds are pitch-able, reverse-able and you can layer up to four of the same sound on the same step. That's a really unusual feature for a drum machine from 1985. It has a 3000 note sequencer and pretty much all the features are controllable from MIDI. There is a great 'Human Factor' that adds swing to your drums, sounds great for funking up beats.

The sound is very reminiscent of the Linndrum, and very big, and since they're tunable, you can go from very fast, snappy electronic sounds, to deeeeppppp and sllloooooooowwwww drones very easily, and then layer them up. My favourite was pitching the crash right down, reversing it, then putting that through reverb and and delay. Sounds terrifying.

There are Stereo and Mono Outs, and you have total control of the panning of the drums in Stereo mode.

It has Clock Out, Tape Out, Clock/Tape Out, Trigger Out and a Footswitch In.

The TOM has MIDI Out and MIDI In, and was one of the most advanced MIDI implementations of its day."

via brian c

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