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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Roland JX-3P

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"The Roland JX-3P emerged in 1983 as the first MIDI-capable synth produced by Roland. Its architecture is more advanced than the Juno series synths produced around the same time. Both machines use the same interval-timer DCO technology and use the Roland IR3109 lowpass filter. It is a polyphonic, 61 key synthesizer with sawtooth, 50 and 10% pulse waveforms, and a noise generator. It performs as a nice inexpensive vintage synth that produces some great sounds, especially strings and brass. It has 32 factory programs and user memory for 32 programs, and a 128-step, six-part built-in sequencer that can be triggered by sync voltage from external devices such as the Roland TR-707 drum machine. Instead of analog sliders and knobs, the JX-3P used a series of buttons and a single data slider for selecting parameters."

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