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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

MOOG Voyager RME

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"All the mind-bending power of the Voyager in a 5U package! Moog has taken all the mind-bending power of the Minimoog Voyager and packaged it in a 19" wide by 5U (8-3/4") high package. All the features of the Voyager plus switchable audio out (-2dBm unbalanced or +4dBm balanced 600 ohms). The Analog Synth also includes the Electric Blue backlit panel that Moog introduced with the Anniversary Edition Voyager. What you don't get is the keyboard or the Voyager's touch surface. Match the RME (or 2 or 4 of them) up with your existing Voyager to achieve some serious polyphony. Or simply purchase a MIDI keyboard to control the RME. The Voyager Rackmount Analog Synth has CV and gate inputs for additional modulation options with expression pedals or other voltage sources. Audio input and effects insert allow you to interface with other gear. Stereo analog outs and headphone outs. 128 easily modified presets modeled after sounds used by Rick Wakeman, Tony Banks, Keith Emerson, and others give you instant access to classic Moog tone plus modern bass and lead sounds. The signal path starts with a bank of 3 wide-range, high-stability, voltage-controlled oscillators, one noise source, and one audio preamplifier for externally applied audio signals. The sound modifiers are 2 'Moog-style' low-pass filters and one VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier). Modulation sources are 2 ADSR (Attack Decay Sustain Release) envelope generators and one multi-waveform LFO (Low Frequency Oscillator). Frequency, octave, and wave controls are married with a switch that syncs Oscillators 1 and 2, frequency modulation of Oscillator 1 by Oscillator 3, drone function for Oscillator 3, and a switch to lower Oscillator 3 to the sub-audio range. Mixer module features 5 input level controls, 5 input switches, and external level LED. Filters module features choice of 2-pole or 4-pole response, cutoff control, spacing control, resonance control, and control of how much the filters open and close as you press different keys on the keyboard. Envelopes module features amount to filter control and envelope gate switch. LFO features rate control, sync selector, and rate LED. Modulation buses feature source, destination, and shaping selectors plus amount controls. The Minimoog synthesizer's MIDI capabilities include front panel storage and recall, control of front panel through MIDI, transmission of front-panel settings via MIDI, transmission and reception of keyboard data via MIDI, up- and downloading of banks of settings via MIDI, and updating of software via MIDI. The power supply accepts any power voltage from 100V to 240V. Moog Minimoog Voyager Rackmount Analog Synthesizer Features: Bold tone 128 modifiable presets 3 ultra-stable oscillators Dual Moog filters 4-stage analog envelope generators Flexible modulation busses MIDI I/O"

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