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Monday, May 12, 2008

Formanta UDS Drum Module

images via this auction
"Formanta UDS vintage analog Drum machine & Trigger module / "Brain" ... usually use it as a sound module triggered from an 808 or 707, it originally was produced to be used in conjunction with the 80's style hexagon drum pads which is still possible. you can find more information here or here It's a 7 channel analog Drum machine and trigger-able module. Produced around 1986. 5 independent channels of drum sound synthesis. Additional channels for cymbal and hi-hat synth sounds. Controls for each channel: input signal sensitivity, tone pitch, pitch envelope time, pitch modulation, noise/tone balance, filter's cutoff for noise, accent ,volume. Oscillators: VCO + Noise, Oscillators Waves: sawtooth, square. Onboard drummachine with 16 preset drum patterns. You can switch every drum sound channel to its preset sound or switch it in "synthesis" mode and then control channel's parameters by 8 knobs. The drum machine and the synthesizer are independent modules so they can work at the same time freely. And you can tweak the generators of the beatbox patterns. Connectors on on the rear panel - 7 AUDIO IN for each drum channel, Mono AUDIO out, Left /Right OUT. Pedal Inputs. All connectors are on standard 1/4 '' jack."

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